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Join us in making the Seaport even better


As this collaborative effort has evolved, our urban planning team at SOM Architects has been inspired by many creative and substantive ideas contributed by the Seaport community – area residents, local businesses, educational institutions and nonprofits, civic leaders and Community Board members, as well as historic preservation advocates and elected and government agency officials.

We are pleased that support of the plan is growing. Below are statements from some of the many who believe the plan will benefit the Seaport and the City as whole. We invite you to share your thoughts as well, as we step forward together into the Seaport’s future.

  • The HHC plan for development of new housing and provision of stable funding for the Seaport Museum is a welcome investment in the eastern area of Lower Manhattan , particularly at a time when the city is reeling from the loss of jobs and tax revenues caused by the pandemic. This plan enjoys broad support and merits swift approval.
    Kathryn Wylde, President & CEO of the Partnership for New York City, headquartered in Lower Manhattan
  • The Seaport Museum and the Historic District were created to support each other. The Museum was to grant the District a unique and culturally rich identity and the District was to share its value—specifically its real estate value—to sustain the Museum. This latest proposed air rights transfer makes that concept real and will allow the Museum its first ever reliable, recurring income stream. With this, we will build on decades of good work to provide this community, the City, and the world the story of New York's origins, the birth of the port of New York and its nurture into today’s world capital.
    Brendan Sexton, Chair of the Board of Directors, South Street Seaport Museum and Stakeholder Workshop Participant
  • Lower Manhattan will bounce back once again thanks to thoughtful projects like this one, which is the right project at the right time for Lower Manhattan for so many reasons. I've seen many attempts to save the Seaport Museum, but this plan is the only truly workable one I've seen -- and the Museum desperately needs it. At the same time, I appreciate that the proposal is sensitive to the Seaport Historic District, including its contextual base that responds well to its surroundings. This investment in our Seaport, our Lower Manhattan, and our city must move forward.
    Frank J. Sciame Jr, Chair & CEO of Sciame Construction, past Board Chair of the South Street Seaport Museum and Board member & past Board Chair of the Landmarks Conservancy.
  • The parking lot at 250 Water has long been a void, but also an opportunity: to invest in our local economy, to create jobs, and to build sorely needed affordable housing in Community Board 1. The development proposed for the site is an opportunity that needs close and serious consideration. This plan would also bring stability to the South Street Seaport Museum, one of the area's essential cultural institutions. We look forward to the public review process as this proposal moves forward and receives the full attention it merits.
    Jessica Lappin, President of the Alliance for Downtown New York
  • At a time when New York City is under so much stress from the pandemic and the economic downturn, this project is an exciting vote of confidence in the future, bringing affordable housing — a top priority for our community for many years — as well as long-term viability for the Seaport Historic District and Museum, and critical brownfield remediation, while removing a surface parking lot with legacy fossil-fuel infrastructure that has been an eyesore and a drag on community redevelopment for decades. It also represents the first pandemic-recovery investment downtown, reminiscent of early investment following 9/11.
    Catherine McVay Hughes, South Street Seaport Museum Board member and former Chair of Manhattan Community Board 1
  • The South Street Seaport Museum plays such an important role bringing New York City's fascinating maritime history to life. It's important that New Yorkers and visitors grasp that history, and that they understand the role of the Seaport in the city's and the nation’s growth and evolution. That's why I am so pleased to see this proposal to ensure a bright future for the Museum and why I am hopeful everyone who cares deeply about the Seaport and our waterfront history will get behind this plan.
    Tom Berton, Member of Community Board 1, Owner of Manhattan By Sail, Stakeholder Workshop Participant
  • As a longtime resident of Southbridge Towers and someone who has been active in the community for decades, this exciting new plan proposed by HHC for 250 Water Street is the first plan to incorporate a viable fiscal support mechanism for our cherished South Street Seaport Museum, the cultural center of this historic neighborhood. It's important to remember that the Save Our Seaport coalition began a few years back as the Save our Seaport Museum Coalition -- so this news will surely be cheered by many in the neighborhood. With a design appropriate to its upland location, this proposal will create a safe, more unified pedestrian experience for those of us who live nearby. And critically, it will bring the first mandatory affordable housing to Community Board 1. I’m very pleased to support this plan, which will spur economic recovery for our local small businesses and merchants, and greatly improve our community.
    Paul Hovitz, Southbridge Towers Resident, Stakeholder Workshop Participant
  • This project presents an essential opportunity to revive one of our city's historic gems, the South Street Seaport Museum, a place dating back more than three centuries. The museum brings to life New York City’s complex maritime history for New Yorkers and visitors from around the world. The Waterfront Alliance fully endorses this proposal, which would provide a solid and innovative plan to save the Museum -- which has proved so elusive for so many years -- and ensure it thrives for many years to come.
    Cortney Worrall, President & CEO of the Waterfront Alliance

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  • The South Street Seaport Museum is truly the soul of this historic neighborhood, a place that for years has brought our dynamic working waterfront history to life for so many. Now, HHC is proposing a workable plan not only to get it reopened to the public but to help it thrive, solving the Seaport's Gordian knot at long last. This proposal, which maintains the neighborhood's historic relationship with the waterfront, would provide New York City—the city of water—with a tremendous and lasting benefit. There is no doubt that this is the right path forward for the Seaport.
    Roland Lewis, former President and CEO, Waterfront Alliance, Stakeholder Workshop Participant
  • I've lived and worked in Lower Manhattan for many years and have seen first-hand the thoughtful planning and positive changes that Howard Hughes has brought to our unique waterfront community. The proposal for 250 Water Street will at long last transform a barren parking lot into a project that knits together the fabric of the neighborhood. The importance of providing affordable housing and community space, along with crucial funding for the South Street Seaport Museum, cannot be overstated. This proposal would be a very welcome investment in the Seaport's future at a time when New York City needs it most.
    Denise Courter, Local Resident and Founder of FiDi Families, Stakeholder Workshop Participant
  • As it recovers from the COVID-19 crisis, New York City desperately needs smart, ambitious, transit-oriented projects such as that planned for 250 Water St., a surface parking lot that has blighted its neighborhood for decades. When such a project also thoughtfully accomplishes important public goals, including rescuing an important cultural institution, preserving the low-rise character of an historic waterfront district and cleaning up industrial pollutants, it becomes an even more compelling proposition. 250 Water St. would have made sense in any environment, but makes particular sense at a time of extreme economic distress when affordable housing, jobs and investment are in such short supply.
    Seth Pinksy, Downtown Alliance Board Member and former President of the NYC Economic Development Corporation
  • I've seen firsthand Howard Hughes' dedication and commitment to building a stronger Seaport district for the families, businesses and cultural institutions that make up the fabric of our community. Their plan for 250 Water Street would follow in that spirit by shoring up the future of our studio and bringing much-needed affordable housing to the area. That is an inclusive vision—one which I'm hopeful our Seaport neighbors will support.
    Kamau Ware, Founder and Lead Creative, Black Gotham Experience, Stakeholder Workshop Participant
I have personally been impressed with the new leadership at HHC which has proven to be responsive to local concerns and a good neighbor. I appreciate their outreach to the local community through the Seaport Stakeholder Planning Workshops and HHC’s commitment to making the redevelopment of 250 Water Street part of an overall plan for districtwide improvements.
Christie Huus, Vice Chair, South Street Seaport Museum & Lower Manhattan resident, Stakeholder Workshop Participant
  • Howard Hughes Corporation’s proposal to redevelop 250 Water Street is worthy of support through the City's public review process. The proposed redevelopment has the potential to revitalize the District by bringing much needed affordable housing, community space and robust economic and cultural activity.
    David Sheehan, Treasurer of the Board, South Street Seaport Museum, Stakeholder Workshop Participant
  • It is very clear that New York City needs investment and job creation now, and forward-thinking plans like HHC's 250 Water Street project accomplish that goal. This is the moment to say yes to affordable housing in Lower Manhattan near public transit, and to creating scores of construction and permanent jobs that propel the city's economy. Howard Hughes is deeply committed to investing in the long-term success of the historic Seaport area and we applaud this proposal.
    Carlo Scissura, President and CEO of the New York Building Congress
  • The development of the Seaport remains incomplete, and is marred by parking lots. I think Howard Hughes has the right idea for these blocks, and I hope they are able to finish polishing the rough gem of this neighborhood.
    Sarah McNally, owner of McNally Jackson Independent Bookstores, South Street Seaport
  • As an educator with deep ties to the Seaport community, there is no question in my mind that this plan for 250 Water charts the best course forward for families, businesses and workers in our neighborhood. Over the years, Howard Hughes has been a highly responsible neighbor to the families in the Seaport, from working closely with local nonprofits to funding our beloved Seaport Museum, an essential institution that connects us to our city's waterfront history. The 250 Water Street project will help make the Seaport a better place to live and work for current residents -- and provide a home for new neighbors who otherwise might not have had the chance to live here.
    Kimberly Busi, M.D., Founder & Head of School at Quad Prep, Stakeholder Workshop Participant

Our proposal has been shaped by community input and represents our commitment to the Seaport.

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  • The revitalization of the Seaport waterfront and the new business activity that has come about thanks to Howard Hughes’ curated redevelopment have added needed jobs and catalyzed a host of ancillary economic benefits for those who live and work nearby and throughout Lower Manhattan. We believe the development proposed by Howard Hughes is thoughtful, prioritizes much needed community amenities, and would be an economic driver for the neighborhood.
    Callie Haines, Executive Vice President, Brookfield Properties, Stakeholder Workshop Participant
  • This development would stimulate diversity and bring sorely needed employment opportunities to NYC.
    Terry Brady, ESPN South Street Seaport, Stakeholder Workshop Participant
  • In the judgment of the museum's board and staff, receiving a share of the community-benefits funds increasingly appears to be the museum's best chance for weathering the waves of the pandemic and having the financial platform to thrive on the other side of the pandemic and in the long term.
    Ernest Tollerson, Trustee, Board of Directors, South Street Seaport Museum, Stakeholder Workshop Participant
  • New York's future depends on innovative and creative strategies that bring housing, jobs and sustainable development together. The proposed Seaport project provides: affordable housing in a neighborhood with great access to mass transit, a dynamic mixed-use project rather than a parking lot, and a plan to assure the well-being of the Seaport Museum.
    Mitchell L. Moss, Henry Hart Rice Professor of Urban Policy and Planning, and Director of the Rudin Center for Transportation, at New York University
We should not be waiting for 250 Water Street to be developed as-of-right, which could be large and bulky anyway but will yield nothing remotely close to what HHC is willing to deliver. The project proposed by HHC is worthy of moving through public review, a process in which all voices will have a chance to be heard and to shape the best outcome for the Seaport neighborhood.
Joseph N. Giannola, Local Property Owner and Stakeholder Workshop Participant
  • For more than a decade, the Howard Hughes Corporation has been strongly committed to supporting and enhancing arts and culture in the Seaport area. We're thrilled to see, after so many years, an achievable proposal come together to provide the South Street Seaport Museum with a plan to get back on its feet and thrive for the long-term, strengthening the connective cultural tissue that extends across Lower Manhattan. And the proposal for the parking lot at 250 Water Street will finally bring vibrancy, affordable housing and community space to that long underutilized site. We applaud both this plan and HHC's continued commitment to the Seaport community.
    Alex Lili Chopra, Executive Director, Artistic Programs, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Stakeholder Workshop Participant and Diego S. Segalini Executive Director, Finance & Administration, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Stakeholder Workshop Participant
  • The Seaport is the birthplace of New York and the beginning of its journey as the most important city in the world. The South Street Seaport Museum plays a critical role in proudly preserving that history for New Yorkers. America owes its place in the world in no small part to the history that occurred at the Seaport and many of our country’s economic successes and developments sprang from the trade and innovation that happened there. The generosity of this project will ensure that the museum and its mission flourish and The National Maritime Historical Society endorses this wise investment in historical preservation that benefits all of us.
    Burchenal Green, President of the National Maritime Historical Society, Stakeholder Workshop Participant

Our proposal extends a lifeline to the South Street Seaport Museum.

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  • A transfer of development rights from the waterfront sites to 250 Water Street can create improvements beyond any plan that has come before.
    Blair Weintraub, Local Resident
  • For me and my family, the choice between a large, bulky development without affordable housing – as allowed under current zoning – and a residential tower with affordable apartments that preserves much of the light and air for neighboring buildings, is clear.
    Jeremy Price, Chef De Cuisine at Jean-Georges Management
  • Throughout the community workshops, Howard Hughes has stressed the preservation of the historical value of the Seaport District which is why I strongly believe this corporation will act in the best interest of the community. They too want the Seaport District to thrive as it once did.
    Alex Pourlos, Local Resident
  • The proposed development at 250 Water Street with its needed affordable housing and potential community space would be a great asset.
    Ben Arbov, Local Resident
  • While attending HHC’s community workshop, I had the pleasure of seeing firsthand how passionate the entire HHC management team is about the redevelopment. This enthusiasm has also been demonstrated through HHC’s ongoing community engagement as well as support for local nonprofits and community events and activities.
    Kenneth Duncan, Local Attorney, Stakeholder Workshop Participant
  • HHC’s enthusiasm and investment in the process has resulted in a proposal that has been carefully crafted, and that tries in good faith to balance the valuable input that has been provided by all stakeholders in the local community.
    Nishal Ramphal, Local Attorney, Stakeholder Workshop Participant
  • There is no question: for the hospitality industry, for the Seaport, and for the city to get back on its feet, we need to embrace projects like this one. Howard Hughes is a committed steward of the Seaport and I applaud them for throwing this lifeline at just the right moment. We know that visitors will once again flock to the Seaport and a revived Seaport Museum, and it'll be in large part due to Howard Hughes' comprehensive vision for a brighter Seaport future.
    Ignacio Cipriani, Operator of the Mr. C Seaport Hotel